DMGM Studio Precision Eyeliner

I am quite picky about eyeliners and search for something that won’t smudge. Recently ive been impressed by DMGM Studio Precision pen eyeliner so i decided to do a blog post about it.

This eyeliner seriously reminds me of a sharpie marker (sharp enough to kill em)  It has a pointed tip which is great for creating thin lines and wings perfectly and if i’d like a thicker line i just hold the pen in flatter angle. The tip is soft and a little flexible hence lining your eye is much easier and comfortable, using this doesn’t require practice. It is not watery and dries within seconds giving a matte finish. The DMGM Studio Precision Pen Eyeliner is smudge proof and water resistant and easily removable from face wash plus well pigmented and shows up in a swipe.Available in black and brown color. I got this for 1100 PKR ($ 11) in black.


  1. Easy application
  2. Dries quickly
  3. Gives matte finish
  4. Smudge proof
  5. Water resistant
  6. Excellent pigmentation
  7. Excellent color pay off


  1. It is not easily available
  2. Price. But it is absolutely worth it!

Read more about the product |here|  

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