The Torment Of Others 

Genre: Crime/Mystery 

My Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 

My Review: 

I had a great time completing 556 pages in 13hrs (on daily basis) This book was terrifying, painful at certain points, that one which kinda makes you puzzled and wonder! Proceeds quite slow but was engaging, i really liked the scenarios. ‘The Creeper’ made me angry like teeth clenching finger twitching angry while reading about the shit that he was doing, my breaths were audible. It took me a while to settle down and i can’t help but genuinely worried about what future holds for them? I can’t get over Carol and Tony 💕 Somehow i feel like it was a lil depressing but after all it was crime/mystery so i won’t give a minus for that but in end Merrick’s death disappointed me it shouldn’t happen to him NO.. when everything was fine in the end then why did author do this it isn’t justified, i couldn’t understand? But still and all it was a BOMB!! 

My fav excerpt from the book; 

‘One step at a time that’s how you get where you want to be’ 🌸 

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