Photo Editing Apps I Use

Literally alot of people were asking me on Facebook and Instagram (click here to follow me) that what photo editing apps i use? Finally I’ve decided to broke my silence on this and here i am compiling a complete list of my most used editing apps ❤ 

I’ve screenshot them so you can see the names and logo clearly, lets roll straight into these..


I am obsessed with Snapchat photo editing features and who isn’t? 😉 I use Snapchat to edit my photos sometimes.


I usually opt lidow to add text on my pictures and i really like its tag feature so this one is often used by me. Rather than that, it have a selfie camera and picture editor with quite alot of features to enhance your photos so you may also try them if you want.

Photo Grid

This, this one is my fav. It have alot of stickers, filters, backgrounds, sizes, borders and even many features to make a collage or picture as per your desire and a camera with good filters to enhance the beauty of photos and much more it have. You go and check this out 💕


And last one is a video editor. Inshot is a video editor with some basic features to edit videos and if you want more detailing, then i recommend you to use PicPlayPost or VideoShow 

Yep thats all i use 🙂 XOXO 💋 


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