DIY Painted Leaves 🍁

I’ve always been a bit obsessed by painting and being a self taught painter, it is hard to make something more deep/detailed with paints. So i made an easy quick diy with paints i.e painted leaves. 

What you need? 

  • Oil paints (pick up any of your desired color) *I prefer dark colors as they are more noticeable*
  • Paint brush
  • Dry leaves 


Take some dry leaves as many as you want (i took a boul full) paint them carefully and let them dry. Done! 🍁

You may put them in a boul or in any decoration piece you love in your house anywhere. I’ve putted them on a shelf in a crystal boul in a corner of my room. 

Ps: They will look more enchanting if you’ll put them under a lamp 🏮 

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