How To Make Your Phone Cute

I was sick and tired of installing launchers in order to change my phone’s theme and look. I was searching for a good icon changing app which works on its own doesn’t requires any irritating launcher to access it and then i randomly found IconPlay This is a simple icon creating/changing app which is absolutely free and doesn’t need any launcher to access/use. Icon Play contains hundreds of amazing and different icon for almost every app/feature present in your phone. To get this more clear have a look at my home screen


I’ve changed my phone’s look completely using Icon Play. Okay if you are not sure how to start with this then i’m listing here some simple steps;

  1. Download the app from Play/App Store.
  2. Sign up because you can’t use much with the free version.
  3. Mind map what you actually want your phone to look. Like i wanted pink so everything you see on my screen is either pink or is in contrast of pink.
  4. Select a background it could be any of your picture or any other picture which matches with your theme
  5. Start selecting icons for your apps one by one according to your home screen wallpaper and then replace all of them with the new ones.
  6. Arrange them in your way
  7. Done!

Now see your phone which have been completely changed in few minutes 😍 Isn’t it looks lovely? ❤️ Let me know if anyone is doing/did this.

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