Mini Vintage Haul ♡

Today I’m doing a mini vintage haul on blog. I’m going to show you guys some vintage looking stuff which I currently own. ♡ 

These are all the things in my mini vintage haul which looks very vintage but are not actually from the past.


wp-1488096499969.jpeg📍 So let’s start with the clutch. This is a large size clutch which my mum bought for me and I’ve no idea where she got this from. I haven’t managed to use this clutch yet just waiting for a suitable occasion to come and I’ll get a use out of it.

📍 The next thing is my Acetate Aviator Sunglasses from Gucci.These also have a hint of vintage. I bought this a year ago and I’m not sure if these are available now. I absolutely adore them and I’m glad that I bought them. ❤️

📍 The final vintage item which I own is these Flat Heel Pump Shoes. These pumps with heels and a small bow on them are my favorite kinda shoes. It is so pretty and I’ll find more to buy ❣️ I bought these pumps recently from Stylo 

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