Kylie Liquid Matte – Mary Jo K

I was literally dying to get this matte! I really wanted to get one for so long but unfortunately these aren’t easily available in my region and they were out of stock everywhere I go. After struggling hard I found this in a No 1 Mall of my city and I grabbed one immediately.


You’ll have already read tons of reviews on Kylie Mattes and may be have done one on your blog so I am not going to do a detailed one with swatches and all. I’m just sharing some pros and cons of Mary Jo K according to me of course.


  • It is a bright bold true red color.
  • This liquid matte comes out extremely pigmented.
  • It dries fast.
  • It don’t flake or hurt at your lips after applying.
  • You don’t need to reapply it.
  • The red color is BOMB!
  • Long lasting.
  • Stylish packaging.


  • A little drying.

I’m telling you once you find one grab one. They sell out fast and we all know  why. I do recommend this one especially for the excellent color pigmentation and lasting power!

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