Spring Bucket List ♡


Image via Instagram @whysanaa 

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” -Pablo Neruda

Ah, spring! Grass growing , flowers blooming, trees growing, freshness everywhere basically spring is my favorite season it is full of motivation and inspiration 💐🌺🌳 So in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you guys my ultimate spring bucket list! and yeah without further ado let’s get started ♡ 

  1. Plant some flowers
  2. Buy some artificial flowers
  3. Wear floral prints
  4. Avoid wearing black
  5. Enjoy this not so warm weather
  6. Look fresh
  7. Stay healthy
  8. Gain some weight
  9. Collect more different nail colours
  10. Dress up and go to flower festivals
  11. Wear colorful dresses
  12. Make pastries and cakes
  13. Put on colorful and comfortable sandals
  14. Wear bright lipstick shades
  15. Try some spring DIYs
  16. Wear fresh and floral perfumes
  17. Play with paints
  18. Collect more scented candles for spring
  19. Buy new multi colored fairy lights
  20. Pamper and give sufficient attention to myself
  21. Stay positive and focused
  22. Find more cool and colorful patches
  23. Collect more cute pastel colored enamel pins

Yep that’s all. Let me know if you’ve done a spring bucket list post, down below I’ll love to read that 😊

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