Fun Fact

I would like to start this post by saying Thank you to all of the lovely people out there who tags me for doing different fun tags.I love to read other bloggers tag posts But actually I don’t like to do tags on my own  blog as they are time consuming and requires energy. It’s fair to say we all have our own preferences right? 🙂 So instead I decided to do a quick Fun Fact post everytime I’m in a mood to share with you guys a Fact about me 🌻 So let me share first fun one with you;

Yes! I’m a Scorpio fellows ♏😁 They say Scorpios are a lie detector! And I find this statement true to an extent. Oh well do you guys believe in astrology or horoscopes? I do believe in astrology but not in random horoscopes flooding around all over the internet 😒 So what’s your star? Does any specific star annoys you?

Come say a Hello to this scorpion girl on Instagram💞 


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