Relaxation Methods ♡

Hello Everyone! 😊 

I’ve compiled a list of things that really distracts me, help me feel better and let me RELAX! When I’m in a bad mood or feeling mentally exhausted. I hope this can be of help to some people ♡ 

  • Volunteer at the local shelter.
  • Take a nap (for like half an hour).
  • Try meditation.
  • Go outside.
  • Sit down with a drink, and don’t do anything else until it’s gone.
  • Find something good-smelling and use it.
  • Find a friend and just chill.
  • Get a cheap notebook and fill it with lists.
  • Make a powerpoint presentation of all the reasons you love your favorite food.
  • Write the last paragraph of the worst book ever written.
  • Stretch – just full out, everything you can stretch.
  • Investigate an academic building you’ve never been in before.
  • Go squirrel-spotting.
  • Find a group, go out in the middle of a green somewhere, and start singing as loudly as you want.
  • Pet an animal 
  • Dance in a puddle.
  • Blow bubbles 
  • Watch an episode of Steven Universe.
  • Go to the campus store and buy the fanciest pen they have under $5. Sign your name of everyone who’ll let you.
  • That thing you broke a while back? Take it apart and make something out of the bits.
  • Sit next to a lake/river/ocean/pond/bubbler.
  • Walk in a pretty area 
  • Have someone walk on your back if you can do that
  • Get Crafty!
  • Hug someone.
  • Do your makeup all cute
  • Turn on your favorite song and BLAST IT.
  • Find a newspaper and a balloon and some flour and make paper mache. Don’t get it in your hair.
  • Go somewhere public and people-watch
  • Go to a garden shop/nursery and buy a plant 
  • Hide in the stacks of your school library.
  • While in the stacks of your school library, wander until lost, then grab a random book and read it.
  • Get into different world by reading/watching something 
  • Practice.
  • Draw the weirdest thing you can.
  • Eat something delicious 
  • Stare at the ceiling and revel in not doing anything.
  • Have a bubble bath or use bath bombs or other nice smelling things 
  • Wash/Moisturize your face 




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