Kylighter Review ♡

Hi guys! I feel terrible I’ve been absent here for quite a while. I have moved to U.S and because of that I was a little busier than usual but I am so happy to be here and loving everything about this place ♡

Today I’m going to be reviewing my Salted Caramel Kylighter from Kylie Cosmetics which I got a few days back.


First of all packaging. The kylighter is made up of cardboard and has a magnetic closure to it which I really like. It feels a little heavy like its not that light weight as it looks like which I also appreciate. Feels expensive ( it is Mannn) and is so aesthetically pleasing I cried 😭 the overall kylighter comes in a cheap cover which is also made up of cardboard but is of cheap quality.


To be honest I was a little hesitant to purchase this because I heard the quality is not consistent but then I bought one because I really wanted to try it out. Salted Caramel is a warm midtone gold which I thought would be perfect for my skin tone and honestly it worked, it worked for me! I was quite impressed. It is not that slightly pigmented but is build able and for me it showed up in two strokes which is enough. I’m not really a fan of blinding highlights, I prefer my makeup to be more natural and not PLASTIC. I personally feels that this kylighter is for people who prefer a natural yet elegant glow but not for those who loves blinding highlights. Overall I’m highly satisfied with my purchase.

I got my Kylighter for $30.95 (including $8.95 shipping fee) from 

Have you tried this kylighter? what are your thoughts on it? Do mention down them below in comments.

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Thank you for reading. Xoxo.



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