My Skincare Routine ♡

I am going to be starting this post with a little reminder that not everyone’s skin is perfect 100% of the time whether you tend to breakout a lot or a little, have discoloration or scars You. Are. Beautiful ♡


The first thing i do is take my tea tree skin clearing facial wash and wash my face. Then of course i dry my face and usually i use a toner to close my pores before i put on makeup but in case i’m not putting on any makeup so i do my tea tree skin clearing clay mask it is bomb and yeah it smells pretty good too. Once i’m finished applying, I leave it on for 12 mins it says 10 to 15 mins but i go in between and while you’re waiting,dance around and take some selfies because you’re looking lit haha after washing off my face mask the last thing i do is apply some lotion to keep my skin moisturized and that’s it.

So this was my skin care routine. I would love to read yours too if you’ve done one link it down below in comments and do follow me on instagram @whysanaa 

Thank you for reading xoxo 


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